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Retaining Ring Installation Tool


Production and Manual Knob Fastener Retaining Ring Installation

      To See Video Of The Production Installation Tool
      Click on the Photo to see live retaining ring installation VIDEO
Knob Shaft Size with
 retainer ring sleeve
Tool Part Number  
10-32 UNF T-10-100  
1/4-20 UNC T-25-100  
5/16-18 UNC T-31-100  
3/8-16 UNC T-38-100  
1/2-20 UNC T-50-100  
5/8-11 UNC T-62-100   See how easy the Knob Fastener installation is with the proper tools


Production Assembly Installation using Special SRS Installation Tool

Step 1

Install Retainer Ring onto Arbor

Step 2

Slide Arbor into pusher. Position Arbor onto Collet end. Push Retainer Ring into position

Step 3

Inspect for proper seating in the groove

Manual Assembly Installation

Step 1

Separate coils and insert end of retaining ring into groove

Step 2

Wind retaining ring into groove

Step 3

Inspect for proper seating on the groove

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