SRS Industries
Design and Manufacture of
Captive Spring Loaded Screw Knob Fasteners

Spring-Loaded Permanent Knob Assemblies

Each of our series of knob assemblies contain two types of mounting configurations.

Retainer ring sleeve
Knobs are installed inserting the sleeve through the panel and securing it on the back side with a bronze bearing and retaining ring (included).

Single-hole mounting configuration allows you to unfasten the knob from the machinery to move the panel from machine to machine. Slot-mount configuration is similar to single-hole plus it can also be loosened (while still threaded in the machinery) to rotate or turn the panel as necessary.

The same knob can be used in either configuration.


Threaded sleeve
This captive screw fastener will allow you to screw the sleeve of the knob into the panel on which it is to be mounted.


Knob assemblies stay attached to your panel (such as tooling plates, modules, or anything else that needs to be fastened to machinery) allowing fast changes and setup, as well as eliminating lost clamping knobs or hardware.

They also make good grasp handles.

When the knob is unfastened, the stud retracts into the sleeve by spring tension. This provides a flush surface on the back side of the panel, allowing you to slide the panel across surface without having to pick it up.

When fastened the knob is held securely to the panel enabling you to tightly clamp it to machinery.